A meeting of minds . . .

Dawn and I - 2-10-16
Dawn Tripp’s first stop on her tour behind GEORGIA: A NOVEL OF GEORGIA O’KEEFFEE, kicked off in Dallas. What a joy it was to meet her.

Working on a feature about Dawn Tripp and her brilliant new book, GEORGIA: A NOVEL OF GEORGIA O’KEEFFE.

Love my job. Getting to speak to authors and artists who are passionate about their craft gives me great hope for the future.

Tripp is articulate, poised and so bright.

Even if you’re not an O’Keeffe aficionado, her story is compelling. A woman artist in the 1920s, finding the love of her life – a married man – and following her vision of what art could be.

Her relationship with Alfred Stieglitz, famous photographer and supporter of fine art, drives the train here.

We tend to think of O’Keeffe in the context of her work in the high desert of New Mexico.

In GEORGIA, we learned that she really found her voice in New York City and Lake George, at her lover’s family’s summer home.

“Their love affair was a loaded one.” ~ Dawn Tripp. Dallas, Feb. 10

Check out this week’s edition of THE WINNSBORO NEWS to learn what inspired Tripp to write the book and how she found O’Keeffe’s voice one day at the river near her Massachusetts home.

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