Glad to have Gabriel in the driver’s seat


Daniel Silva - 7-13-17
Five out of five stars

New York Times best-selling author Daniel Silva introduced his popular hero, Israeli spy Gabriel Allon in 2000’s “Kill Artists.”


During the course of 17 years, Silva has given his fans one book a year, following Allon’s many escapades as he battles encroaching evil across the globe.

Allon was originally recruited to track down Palestinian terrorists responsible for the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich. The Isareli intelligence agency he works for is referred to in the books as “The Office.”

The number 11 carries significant importance to Allon, as evidenced in a climactic scene in “House of Spies,” the new book to be released July 11.

In order to provide cover for his covert activities, Allon presents himself as a world renowned art restorer who lived for years in an isolated cottage in Cornwall, on the southern coast of England. He retreated to the area after a car bombing took the life of his son and left his first wife with permanent brain damage.

After many years alone, Allon met the woman who would be his second wife and he became the father of twins.

In “House of Spies,” as Allon is settling into his job as director of The Office, ISIS carries out a horrific terrorist attack in London’s West End. A subsequent bomb at Allon’s headquarters in Paris thrusts him into the search for the ISIS mastermind behind the violence.

In order to complete his mission, Allon assembles a team of cracker jack spies who maximize their considerable skills to find and eliminate the ISIS threat.

It’s good to see Allon at the wheel, recruiting members for his team – some come willingly, others are coerced – making sure all contingencies are covered and then, executing the mission with deadly accuracy.

Silva, a former UPI/CNN journalist who covered the Middle East, is a whip-smart writer with considerable knowledge of his subject matter.

If you’re new to the series, I recommend you read them in order, as they do build on each other and give helpful insight into Gabriel’s background, motivations and heartache.

Silva - 8-18-16
Daniel Silva

When he was in Dallas last summer, Silva hinted at a possible film deal.

According to Wikipedia, MGM Television and Silva announced on May 15 that MGM had acquired the adaptation rights for the Allon series; the press release contained no schedule and did not specify which novel or novels were under consideration. Silva his wife, Jamie Gangel, special correspondent at CNN, will act as executive producers.

Note: They didn’t ask me, but I’d cast Silva as the lead in the series. When he spoke in Dallas last summer, it was Gabriel’s voice I heard. And, who else better to understand the character’s motivation than the man who created him? Just sayin’.

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