You need to hear this . . .

Parker Millsap - Stage shot
Parker Millsap
I’ve been crazy about Parker Millsap since I heard his 2014 self-titled record.

His new album, “The Very Last Day,” drops March 25. Got my hands on a review copy, thanks to his press rep.

I can’t quit listening. Recorded at Dockside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana, south and east of Lafayette, the CD proves there is no sophomore slump here. I’ve only lived with the record for a couple of weeks, but I look for it to be on a lot of lists come awards time.

Millsap, who hails from Purcell, Oklahoma, wrote 10 of the 11 songs on this record.

He writes songs about love, lust, veterans’ issues, the apocalypse, the Greek gods, sexual orientation … hard to believe someone just 22 can have such a thorough understanding of the human condition.

He covers the gospel tune, “You Gotta Move,” covered by the Rolling Stones in 1971 and makes it sound fresh, new and original. Step aside, Mick. For real.

Parker in Church
Parker Millsap
Millsap’s Pentecostal roots bleed through on every song, especially on “Heaven Sent.” I’m hoping this one changes hearts, minds and attitudes. No spoilers here, but it is one of the most powerful tunes I’ve heard in a long time.

A video clip of “Heaven Sent” is up on YouTube, but I hope you wait and hear it for the first time on the CD … granted, the lyrics and melody are enough to make you weep, but the production and background vocals by Sarah Jarosz, Sara Watkins and Aoife O’Donovan take it to a whole other level. It will haunt you for days, weeks, the rest of your life. 

Parker Millsap - Cover - The Very Last Day
Parker Millsap’s sophomore album is set for release in March.
Hoping to get an interview prior to the release. When I visited with him in 2014, I found him to be fresh, forthright and open. An old soul with a lot to say, but with not one trace of anger.

Oh, yeah. He makes a reference to Townes in “Morning Blues.” Stopped my heart.

Stay tuned for a complete review … you gotta hear this.

Click here to watch “You Gotta Move.”